Want a Job?

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Want a Job?

We do employ real people to work at Natural High, they do things like talk to clients, fix our bikes, guide our tours and lots of other people-related matters.

So, if you’re a people-person, love the outdoors and have what we are looking for, then you could be in luck!

Our busy season in NZ generally runs from October to March so it’s a summer gig which is cool if you like to play in winter or follow the sun around the world.

We generally like to hire Kiwis as that’s what people come here to see, but if you have everything we are after, and are a top person we will have a good think about it.

We do get lots of enquiries so you will want to be in early for the season, typically this means a year in advance.

Skills that are important to us:

  • Good spoken English
  • Bike repair skills
  • Like people
  • Be likeable
  • Hard working
  • Trustworthy
  • Must have good work references
  • A current NZ Drivers license with passenger endorsement
  • Current First Aid Certifcate – Outdoor First Aid preferred

If you are from overseas, you must meet the NZ Immigration/Employment Criteria

If you think you have what it takes and you would like to work in either Christchurch or Auckland, then drop us an email.

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