Natural High Workshop Wednesday Bike Pro Tip

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Natural High Workshop Wednesday Bike Pro Tip

Natural High Workshop Wednesday Bike Pro Tip

Brake Systems – “Pad Advance”

All Avid brakes perform better after a proper bleed has been carried out, however as the bleed process can cause problems to the home mechanic and can still leave the system feeling soft, this in some cases can be down to inadequate bleed. The bleed may well need to be done again keep watching for the Workshop Pro Tip in the coming weeks.

However in most cases carrying out the Avid Pad Advancement after a bleed still doesn’t feel right will sort the problem and have the brakes feeling like new again it will also stop you on a six pence.

To Advance The Pads:

  1. Set the reach and Pad Contact Adjusters to the out position
  2. Remove the wheel/rotor from caliper
  3. Slowly squeeze the brake lever until the Pads are approx. 1mm apart
  4. Using a pad spacer (will come with Avid Brake System) push the spacer so it fits snug between the pads, some amount of force will be needed to get the spacer in.
  5. Re-install the wheel/rotor and squeeze the lever several times, at this point the brake should feel firm
  6. Align the caliper as needed, adjust reach and pad contact to riders preference


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